The Continuous Search for Peace

Annie Lorraine B. Joyas   
Miriam College High School

     The search for peace on earth is almost as old as human history. Most of the world's greatest religions preach about the wickedness of war and hold forth the vision of peace and harmony among people.

     Just like any other countries, the Philippines had its share of struggles regarding peace. I would like to present in this essay some of the problems that the Filipinos experience about peace. To name some militarization, both macro and micro levels are experiences especially in the Mindanao due to the terrorism caused by the Abu Sayyaf group; structural violence including inequalities within and across societies, violation of human rights in all its form and intercultural and ethnic conflicts based on discrimination, intolerance and racism. Also, becoming big problems in our country are environmental destruction and unsustainable economic and social systems and consumerist lifestyle. In addition to that, what I think is the biggest problem is having inner peacelessness manifested in alienation, addiction and loss meaning of life that results to suicide.

     Together, these constitute a culture of violence in all its multiple manifestations, which in turn means that a culture of peace is necessarily multi-dimensional. No longer just the absence of war or physical violence, peace also implies a socially just world the promotion of human rights, environmental care, cultural respect and solidarity and a deep sense of inner peace.

     Recognizing that all individuals and communities can be entrapped in attachments leads peace educators to integrate a clear values dimension in their programs, so that learners begin to internalize virtuous and values that are the roots of building a culture of peace.

     As a student, I believe that I can still help change the state of peace in our country. I have faith in myself that I can make a difference in my own little way.  But first, I should have a deep foundation of values so as to start peace within myself. The next step would be sharing peace to others through different works of peace. But most of all, the best way to attain and establish peace would that of putting your trust in the Almighty Creator, although known differently, that He can make all things possible.

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