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Japan New English Teachers' Association



    The aims of Shin-Eiken, New English Teachers' Association  are to clarify the purposes of teaching foreign languages and to create and develop a new English education that is rooted in democracy. It is based upon the ideals of the Constitution of Japan: peace, democracy, freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that international understanding or global awareness by learning English leads to world peace. Shin-Eiken teachers want to help students integrate English learning into their actual lives so that they can communicate with people, global citizen to make a better world.



   IIPE 2012 report

    Brief Report on Developments Regarding Peace in Japan < 31 July, 2004 >
    'Article 9 Association SHIN-EIKEN' Founding Prospectus 

    < August 1, 2005 (drafted by Nara) >
    Retract Iraq War Bill, Defend Article 9 of Constitution < June 5, 2003 >
    Against 'A Strategic Plan to Cultivate "Japanese with English Abilities"

   < November 2002 >
   Asian Youth Peace Seminar  <2004>
   Japan Korea Symposium: Exchange of English Education <2002>
Hokkaido Chapter
   The 5th Japanese Korean English Teachers' Conference <2005>
   Letters from Jeju
Member's article
   The role of Shin-eiken in promoting peace education in English classrooms
   < IKEDA Masumi & KIKUCHI Keiko, 1st Peace as a Global Conference Proceedings 2002 >
   The Children's Peace Statue & My English Class 
   < IKEDA, Masumi 1997 JALT Global Issues in Language Education: Issue 27 >
Member's letter
   A Letter to the M.L.King center by Osamu OBE, February 2nd, 2006
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   Criticisms of the Japanese Government Authorization of Japanese History Textbooks
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