February 2, 2006


Dear Ms Dora E. McDonald


 I was very surprised to hear the news about Coretta Scott King, and mere words cannot express the sadness we feel at her loss. No words can suffice to express our sadness. Please give my condolences to Mrs. King.


 After sending the "I Have a Dream's materials" of my Junior High students, I received a heartful letter from her last April. Then I and the members (Mr.Ikeda and Takeichi) of New English Teachers Association visited the King Center last August 9, 2005. We had a very good time to talk with you and your staff, and we made our mind to do our best for world peace.


 There are many problems in the world, war, discrimination, environment destruction. And in Japan we have many problems about the youth and children too, for example, some violence, truancy and unemployment. And there is another big problem to us Japanese. That is revision to the constitution. If the bill clears the Diet (Japanese parliament, Japan will go on the road to war. As you may know, certain forces are attempting to amend Japan's Constitution to allow for the recreation of a large military expeditionary force. I'm very afraid that some day this movement may be responsible for sending my students to war. War is the worst form violence and we must warn the students about the foolishness of war.


 However, we will try to get the democracy and the peaceful world. We will transform the sorrow into strength. Let's fight for justice!


 Yours sincerely,


 Osamu OBE, Yao-City, Osaka, Japan