Dear Pete Seeger,

Greeting from Shin-eiken, 

New English Teachers Association


  We celebrate your eightieth anniversary. Your songs always encourage us and our students.  

  A song has the power to create the future. Teachers of New English 

Teachers Association in Japan bring songs into the classroom and utilize them as a learning material. The songs carry the message to the students and moved them deeply.

   Thanks to Mr. Yazawa, Saito and others we have got in touch with you for years. When we visited in New York in 1985, we had wonderful time, as well as while your tour to Japan in 1986. Those memories are very precious to us. Such exchange has strengthened our solidarity.

   People says the 20th century is the century of war and conflicts, 

though we should keep a dialog to create the culture of peace for the 

next century. 

   Besides, high school students and children are working to build a new Statue of Peace of the Children now. We have supported the movement. We sing "We Shall Over Come", at the gathering every time. Your song and the spirits empower us.  

   We wish our exchange continues and you may keep working for the 

 better future. 


   Yours in Peace 

   AHARA, Shigemitsu