Host: Hokkaido Shin-Eiken(Hokkaido New English Teachers' Association)
         Co-hosted by JejuSETA(Jeju Secondary English Teachers' Association, Korea)
Date: Thursday, January 6 to Friday, January 7 in 2005
Place: Hokkaido Kyouiku Kaikan  Hotel Union

Invitation to the Conference
     Triggered by the TV drama "Winter Sonata", there is now a "Korean Boom" in Japan.
Japanese cultures were permitted officially in Korea recently, and the cultural exchange has begun openly at last. Japan and Korea were distant countries even though we are situated close with each other. We expect the exchange will go further even on a private level.
     Hokkaido Shin-eiken (Hokkaido New English Teachersユ Association) began "The Japanese-Korean English Teachers' Conference" in January 1997 in commemoration  of the 30th  anniversary of the foundation of our society. Since then, we have been exchanging with JejuSETA (Jeju Secondary English Teachers' Association) in Jeju Island in Korea. We hold the conference in each country every two or three years, and this is the 5th time. 
     Korea has made the English education in primary school compulsory, and they also teach second foreign languages in high school. Japan has completely been surpassed  in the score of TOEFL by Korea. Jeju island puts much effort in English education to promote International sightseeing and industry named as "Free International City" more than any other city in Korea. 
     It is certain that we can learn much from Korea because it is in Asia and its language structures are similar to ours. Four English teachers participate in this conference. This is not only the precious opportunity for us to learn about English education in Korea,  but also school education on the whole and cultures in Korea. Letユs exchange our opinions and learn about each other. 
     This conference is held mainly in English, and we have prepared materials written in English. So please join us easily.

Theme of the Conference
Issues and Perspective on English Education in Japan and Korea
—How to Foster Skills and Individual Development through "The Language Education"—

The first day (Thurs. January 6 ) 
(1) Lecture : Issues and Perspective in English Education in Japan and South Korea
     —With Special Reference to Three Phases in TEFL—
     by MORIZUMI Mamoru
      (Professor of Graduate School of Obirin University, Professor Emeritus of Osaka University) 
(2)Presentation of Research papers (Joint study 1)
     The Present State and Issues Concerning English Education from Primary Schools in Japan and Korea
(3)Reporting on school practices
     Teaching of English Reading and Writing
The second day (Fri. January 7)
(4) Report on the Practice and analysis on the writeing (Joint study 2)
     To Teach Writing and What We Can See through the Works (The theme:
     What I will be doing in ten years.モ) of Junior and Senior High Schools in Japan and Korea)
(5) Workshop: Welcome to Mr. Kaiki's class
     by KAIKI Yukito
      (Vice principal at Taira High School in Toyama Prefecture, dispatch lecturer of STEP)
      —How to make creative, enjoyable, and challenging classes— 
(6) Group discussion