Letters from Jeju

Dear Fujikawa-sang,
     How have you been? We've arrived in Jeju safe. Thank you very much for your considerate concern about us. I've been feeling sorry that I couldn't say good bye to you properly when the conference was finished. As soon as it closed, we had to leave the hotel to have a short city tour. When we came back to the hotel again, I couldn't see anyone except Omichi-sang, and Akira-sang who guided us to the city tour. I was told by him that you members paid for our tour that day also. Thank you very much for the thoughtful help. We had a good time because of the snow.
     We had our own extended stay the next day. After finished the home stay, we met together at the hotel in the morning. We visited many good places, such as the Old Administration Building, Clock Tower, Sapporo Beer Museum, and so on in the snow, and enjoyed Sapporo Ramyon, Crab Recipe, hot spring, and even snow itself between TV Tower and Illumination at Odori Park. I came to understand Sapporo and Hokkaido better through the tour and even to love the place very much. Sapporo was much larger, better, and more beautiful place than I had thought before leaving Jeju.
     I was much impressed by the conference itself and your members' enthusiastic jobs as well. The conference was so systematic and successful, I think. You, the members, were very active and eager for the conference. So I was much satisfied with all the works including the conference and your consideration there.
     By the way, I received and read your mail, but didn't get photos you said that you sent. I can't find any attached files. I can't find time to bring the film that I took there to the photoshop for painting even though I'm dying to see the pictures.
     Fujikawa-sang, I joked that you're my brother. I was very happy to see you again there. When can we see each other one more time? O.K. Bye now. TGIF!
Yours sincerely,

Thank you for your e-mail and picture. I had a good chance to attend the conference and had a good impression from participants in the conference and 2 lecturers.
     The opening speech from Mr. Takeshi Osanai was very generous and make me feel comfortable. I was impressed by the speech from Mr. MORIZUMI very much. One thing is that he thought about the fifth skill of learning language. He also emphasized attitude rather than skills. He warned us an English imperialism, if we teach students without the aim of Education. His well-organized speech was very fantastic. I thought you were happy and I am also happy to hear a speech from him.
     I felt that your organization consisting of teachers and professors had some benefits. Junior high school teachers and senior high school teachers can cooperate with professor about issues of English teaching. The lecture was from Yukiko KAIKI was interesting. His show of introducing himself, relaxing body in a class, speaking a phrase in a different versions, public speaking were excellent. His bare foot, light shirt and smooth voice were charming and exotic. He was good at making audience participate in his speech, and the atmosphere of the lecture was more comfortable.
     After the conference, we stayed in Sapporo 2 days more. On saturday, we took a trip around Sapporo city. We had big snow, and we enjoyed sightseeing the former Hokkaido Government Office Building, Sapporo Beer Museum and square of illumination at night. We enjoyed the hot and delicious noodle and hot spring in a hotel. On Sunday, we left the hotel KKS Sapporo at 9. We arrived at 7 p.m. on the same day. It took 10 hours from your Hokkaido to Jeju.
     I thank you for sending e-mail and sending me a picture.
Sincerely Yours.
Kim Young Nam