August 27th, 2005
Dear Mrs. Rosemarie Mizo,
- The President of Committee for Vietnam Friendship Village
Dear  all the members of other Committees for Vietnam Friendship Village

Report of the Village,s activities in July and August 2005

 First of all, I  apologize to you for my late report because of my busy work and I want to wait for some work finished which also include in the report. In July and August, The Village has worked the following things except the specialization work.
- We went to examine and receive 40 veterans and 5 children from 5 provinces (Phu Tho, Thanh Hoa, Thai Binh and Vinh Phuc). 
- We signed the work contracts with 2 more physiotherapists and 7 housemothers (one for Huong and Giang, other for other houses). So Huong and Giang,s mother came back home without worries. These new staff such as teachers, physiotherapists and housemother are now enough for serving the children and veterans. 
   Besides Veterans Association of VN supplemented 3 cadres for the Village: Mr.Trinh Quoc Dung - Deputy Chief of General Education and Vocational Training Centre;  Mr. Do Ngoc But -  Chief of Logistic Bureau; Mr.Cao Xuan Mat - Chief of Administrative Bureau; And Do Thi Binh - doctor of clinic was appointed for Deputy Chief of Medical Centre. So the machinery of the Village has been perfected from Board of Directors to Bureaus and Center. The former  machinery of the Village has not been completed as it does at this present time.

- We are equipping the furniture for the new house to receive the more children.
- The increase of the salaries for all the staff, we already carried it out from October 2004 at that time  the Vietnamese Government had policy of increase the salaries for its staff in general. ( Because some members of the Friendship Village get the salaries from the Vietnamese Government).
- Combining with Ms.Edith and Vivien to organize the 3 day training course  of rehabilitation for physiotherapists and the 5 day training course of special education for the teachers including 2 teachers from Thanh Xuan Peace Village. The teachers and physiotherapists gained the good results in these training courses.
- For receiving the guests: In two past months the Village received 329 visitors of 29 groups from 11 countries ( 216 foreign visitors of 17 international groups and 12 local delegations )

+ The International groups: 
 - Mr.AHARA - the President of Japanese Committee for Vietnam Friendship Village with his delegation of 38 members went to see the Village and organized the recipient ceremony of 10 computers for the computer class. When the teacher Nguyen Thi Hanh guided the children to practice the computers, the delegation was very happy. 
-  The Japanese Association for The Old People  visited and sang many songs for children and veterans. 
- Mr. Hugh Perrottet - Australian person supported the Village with 1,000USD sent via the account number of the Village and besides the Village also received many other delegations.
+ The local delegations: 

- On the occasion of 1st anniversary of setting up the Agent Orange Victims Association (august 10th ), Mr.Dang Vu Hiep - the president of Agent    Oranges Victims Association visited and presented the Village 5,000,000VND .
- Mr. Do Duy Thuong - Vice President of Vietnamese Fatherland Front with his group  visited and presented 10,000,000VND
- Mrs. Tran Thi Trung Chien - Minister of the Health Ministry visited  and presented one big television.
- We invited Mr. Do Duc Viet - a professional electrician of DED to go the Village to check all the electric system and do all the estimate cost of electric equipment when he finish doing the estimate cost we will inform you right.
- The Veterans Association of Vietnam received 40,000EURO sent from the German Committee as running/operational costs. We thank you and all members of German Committee for your care to the Friendship Village. 
- The representatives of Veterans Association and Friendship Village who will went to France in October are Lt.Tran Hanh and I (director Mai Xuan Thai). 
- I already sent you the working contracts of all teachers and physiotherapists via post office. If you have any ideas in these working contracts, please let me know.
Wishing you and all members of International Committee a good health and happiness. 

Peace and Friendship 
Mai Xuan Thai
Director of Vietnam Friendship Village