A trip to Vietnam (by Sarah and Takeshima)

S:  It’s nice to see you again.  Did you go somewhere special during the break?

T:  Yes, I went to Vietnam.

S:  Wow, why?

T:  This year is the 30th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, and it is also the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. 

S:  Oh, year, that's right.  I don't know much about Vietnam, but recently I went to a Vietnamese restaurant and ate “pho”.

T:  How was it?

S:  Great!  And I think it's very healthy.  It's made of rice, isn't it?

T:  That's right.  Do you know that a lot of rice is grown in Vietnam?

S:  Yeah  I've heard that, but wasn't there a time when millions of Vietnamese People died of hunger?

T:  Yes, I was really shocked to see many terrible pictures in the museum.  Our guide explained that Japanese army forced the Vietnamese people to grow rice and then they took it away from them for Japanese soldiers.
 そうなんですよ。博物館で悲惨な写真をたくさん見てショックを受けたわ。ガイドさんが説明してくれたんだけど、日本軍がベトナム人に無理にお米を栽培さ せ、日本軍のために巻き上げたんですって。

S:  That's terrible.  But America also did many horrible things during the Vietnam War.  Many innocent people were killed by American soldiers.

T:  Have you ever heard about Da chan?

S:  No, who's that?

T:  She is a survivor of a massacre in a small village in Vietnam.  Her mother was killed in front of her when she was 13.  We met her on our trip and heard bout her story and the cruelty of war.
 ダーちゃんはベトナムの小さな村で虐殺があったときに生き残った人で、お母さんを13歳のときに、目の前で殺されたの。私たちは旅行中にダーちゃんに 会って彼女の話と戦争のむごさを聞いたの。

S:  I wish more people could hear her story.  I know that many people continue to suffer from the events that took place during the war.

T: You mean the after-effects of agent orange?

S:  Yeah, did you learn something about that on your tour?

T:  We actually visited a place called “The Vietnamese Friendship Village.”  This facility cares for and trains people who were affected by agent orange.  America sprayed tons of agent orange on villages in Vietnam and even now disabled babies are born because of the effect.  We visited the village and sent ten computers for the children to learn how to use the computer and do some work and we also hope that they express their opinions and wishes for a peaceful world to the people all around the world through the Internet.
 ええ、実際、ベトナム友好村という所に行ったの。その施設は枯葉剤被害の人の世話をしたり、教育したりする所なの。アメリカがすごい量の枯葉剤をベトナ ムに撒いたのが原因で今でも障害を持って生まれてくる赤ちゃんがいるの。私たちはその村を訪ね、10台のコンピューターを贈ってきたわ。そこの子供たちが コンピューターが使えて、仕事ができるように。また、インターネットで、自分の平和への思いを世界に発信できるように。

S:  I feel embarrassed that I don't know much about America has done in Vietnam.  I would like to learn more and fin a way to prevent things like this from happening again.
 アメリカがベトナムでしたことをあまり知らなかったことは恥ずかしいわ。もっといろいろ知って、どうしたらこんなことが2度と起きないようにできるか学 びたいわ。