between KETG and Shin-Eiken

We both parties on August 12, 2001 in Korea reaffirmed and agreed the points given below:

1. We held a discussion meeting regarding the problems and tasks of education of both countries, and exchanged teaching experiences on English language education.

2. Japan's delegation showed to KETG the 'Shin-Eiken's Resolution against Japanese Government Authorization of a new Japanese History Textbook,' and KETG Understood the Shin-Eiken's position.

3. We reaffirmed the necessity of publishing a common textbook of English in the future.

4. We talked about the possibility of holding a workshop or a discussion meeting in the future alternatively in Korea and Japan.

5. We agree to keep close contact with each other in the future for the purpose of deepening mutual understanding between us through proper channels

The representative of both parties sign here.

On August 12, 2001 in Korea

Wanki Hong of KETG
Tamio Yanagisawa of Shin-Eiken