Impression of 2003 NETA National Conference


Dear Shin Eiken all the members,


I'd like to say thank you for your hospitality while Mr. Kim Dae-sung and I were staying in your country. Before NETA's national conference started, we had our own in-service training course from July 26 to 28. It was the second time for Mr. Ikeda to participate in our KETG training course. During the session Mr. Ikeda gave a speech about "Why has Shin-Eiken put emphasis on contents of teaching materials?" It was very impressive and it gave me some pictures of Shin-Eiken.


Mr. Kim Dae-sung from Ulsan and I headed for Tokyo on August 1st. I was kind of nervous because it was the first time to visit Japan. But after I arrived in Tsukuba I found that there was nothing to worry about. When I saw the lady who held a Welcoming signboard at the Tsukuba bus terminal, I felt your thoughtful consideration and kindness. Also the conference was organized excellently so I couldn't notice that about 400 teachers were in the same hotel.


Now I'm going to mention most impressive things from the conference.

1. Self-expression to Open hearts

On the first day, I joined the Mr. Tanaka's seminar. His efforts on Self-Expression were very impressive to me. When I joined other study groups, I noticed that self-expression has affected and soaked into other study groups’ work. I could feel the students' emotion and thoughts through the works.  


2. Focus on contents

I took part in Peace, Environments, and Human Rights Study Group. When I listened to the reports, they presented how they made English classes related with the present issues for peace, environments and human rights. Especially after 911 terror, many students sent e-mails for World Peace. I believe this is the real peace education for our students. It gave me the good chance to reflect on what I have done for peace. 


3. Various aged Participants

I was surprised that there are lots of active senior teachers. Even retired teachers came to the conference. I can read the history of NETA from the participants. Many teachers have dedicated themselves to the right English education in Shin Eiken. I hoped we KETG also would be together from young teachers to senior teachers in our conference just like NETA.


4. A lot of interest in Korea

On the last day of the conference Mr. Kim and I introduced Korean Language Hangeul, and a traditional board game Yut. It was very honored to introduce my language and culture. I was impressed that many teachers came and showed a lot of interest in Korean language and culture. I'd like to express my gratitude to the teachers who joined us.


I don't know how to express my thanks to all of you. Visiting NETA conference was a good chance to reflect on myself and KETG. We Japan and Korea have many common things in English Education environments. Starting English from elementary school has been 7 years in Korea and you are about to start English education. Nowadays the bad effects have been reported throughout the studies and on the base of that a symposium for the right national curriculum will be held on Sept. 27th in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of KETG. I believe NETA will find a good way and respond wisely to the early English education policy as well as other issues. NETA and KETG should work together to keep our students having the right idea on English for the world peace.


All the Best Wishes,

                                                                                                                KETG, Yong Hyun-jung