An Introduction of Korean English Teachers' Group (KETG)


1. Purposes

   The purposes of KETG are to restore English teachers' autonomy as non-government and professional organization. And they are to promote teacher's excellence in language learning and teaching; establishing objectives of foreign language teaching, selecting what to teach, deciding how to teach, evaluating our students' language proficiency. Finally, they are to establish proper English education policies in Korea.


2. History

   It was founded in 1988 in Seoul by a few dozens of English teachers.  It was associated with Korea Teachers' Union was founded in 1989. At this point, over 1500 teachers were laid off, including some of early key members of KETG.  With legalization of the KTU in 1999, KETG has become an influential and professional organization in Korea.  Some core members of KETG participated in publishing English textbooks for secondary students authorized by MOE. Those books have been selected widely among English teachers.


3. Activities

   There are varieties of activities of KETG. Each chapter has different themes of research and study.

   *Seoul: Teaching reading, Teaching listening, Teaching grammar, Testing and evaluation, Teaching English through music, Revising textbooks

   *Busan: Teaching writing, Developing reading texts based on the community

   *Ulsan: Cooperative learning in English education

   *Daegu: Teaching English through movie, Teaching English through drama, For effective extra class in the 7th curriculum

   *Jeonam: Teaching pronunciation and speaking


   And, there are courses for teacher development and training: In-service development courses twice a year in summer and winter*Schools for english teachers during semester in Busan, Daegu and Ulsan*Seminars and workshops for research members.