Sonoda Masako :
      I decided to provide a homestay for Ms. Kong, a Korean teacher, since my family was scheduled to let a German homestay several days later. When I first met her, I was surprised to find that she looked so much alike Miura Shion, Japanese young female novelist, whose works I love to read. On the evening of her homestay, we enjoyed dinner and a lively conversation together with Mr.Toyama and a Korean high school student who invited to stay with him. On the next morning, I showed her around a temple in my neighborhood. She observed it with much curiosity since Korean Buddhist temples, as she said, are located in rural, mountainous regions. I would like to send photos taken there to her if someone gave me her address. Anyway, I was able to have a good memory, being with her even one day.

Yoshida Keiko:
      I offered two Korean students a homestay at home since I just wanted to use my little knowledge of Korean language for communication with them. They were very brisk and agreeable. Yung spoke a little Japanese, and asked me questions in Japanese. She said to me, “Why is a Japanese kitchen western-style?” I answered, “Today's Japanese kitchens are mostly western-style, and few are tatami-matted.” Then she added, “In Korea, the elderly lie down on Ondols, and young people enjoy western-style living.” As for Korean language, we wrote Korean letters on paper to communicate with, and they kindly corrected my pronunciation. After they returned home, they sent me thank-you letters. I will soon write them back in Korean.