DVD “Asia Youth Peace Seminar”


1 Why do you think Asian high school students came to Japan?

They came to Japan

a.  to learn how to speak Japanese well.

b.  to learn about war and world peace.

c. to visit some old Japanese cities.

d.  to visit Japanese friends who have written letters to them.


2 What happened in the elementary school during the war?

a. A young girl died there during the Second World War. Cherry trees were planted in her memory.

b. A young girl helped her mother to plan cherry trees during the war.

c.  A young girl wrote a letter to the American to stop the war.

d. A young girl became a teacher there, and planed cherry trees in her mother’s memory.


3 What do you think they learned through this seminar?



4 What do you think about their speech?



5 Please write your impression of the DVD.  What did you learn?

For Assignment


If you go to Vietnam, what do you want to do?


 If I go to Vietnam, because people are poor, I want to

























Writing Hints: Use the words you have learned today or in the previous lessons.