Nguyen Phu Tho 
Quoc Hoc High School, Hue, Vietnam

     Vietnam is a country that experienced so many wars against invaders, so much misery and loss. As a result, Vietnamese people understand very well the terrors of wars and the value of peace.
     Teaching young generation the love for peace is one of the responsibilities of Vietnamese teachers.
     As far as we are concerned, in order to be successful in peace education, first of all we must help our students to form an amiable attitude about everything and the hatred for war. This is very important because in the society nowadays, the youth easily experience violence in films or other means of entertainment which influences more or less their characters. If the students have a love for peace and a good personality, they will become good citizens who always struggle for the peace of the nation and of the whole mankind.
     Besides, in order to help the students know about the value of peace, through the lessons at school, the teachers show them the terrible pictures about war, the horrible effects that war made. After seeing those things, students will understand clearly that war only causes disgusting things to mankind and of course they will becomes peace lovers who always struggle against war.
In Vietnam, we do not teach our students about peace as a separate subject but through other subjects such as history, literature...
     Extracurricular activities are also very helpful in teaching peace. Students have a chance to visit places which were destroyed by war, to listen to the witnesses telling about war or to watch the documentary films about the war. After that they have to write a report or express their own opinions in a discussion. This is one of the good ways that help the young generation have a deep view on war and peace.
     We can also teach students about peace through teaching English. When organising activities for the students to practise the four skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing, we ask our students to find the solution to a real - life problem which creates a lot of conflicts. After discussing in groups, students then speak out their own ideas and the teachers will decide which one is the most suitable, humane and peaceful solution for them to study. Gradually, they tend to be more peaceful in their way of solving everyday problems and never resort to violence.
     The topics related to war, violence and peace are also chosen for the students to discuss or to write compositions about. These topics help students have a correct view on the effects of war, the necessity to maintain peace, etc and as a result, when they grow up in the future, they can contribute to build their country, society in peace. Then, making war is out people's mind and mankind will be more wonderful.
     Above is just a survey about peace education in Vietnam. There are many other things to talk about this matter but within a short passage I cannot mention everything. 

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